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Bullet From: B. Nguyen - 12.05.2003

     Subject: Analog Sensors


I am currently seeking for the followings Analog sensors for my application. Please let me know if you have one.


Prefer 24vdc as input power, and 0-5vdc as analog output.


-Temperature Analog sensor- 30F-120F as operating temp

-Barometer Analog sensor- Standard

-Humidity Analog sensor- Standard


Thank you,


E-mail: BNguyen@gentexcorp.com


Bullet From: Michael Ye - 12.05.2003

     Subject: Low Cost CO2 Sensors


Do you know which companies provide CO2 sensors with measurement range of 0-10% and accuracy of 0.1%? Any

price information?


Thank you very much for your kind reply!


Michael Ye

E-mail: michael_ye@hotmail.com


Bullet From: Joe Luminoso - 12.05.2003

     Subject: Metal Locator


Dear sirs,


I am interested in system for buried metal locator 10 meters deep inside the soil or rock. Please send me all info of

this system and the price of it regards,


Eng. Joe Luminoso

E-mail: strategiclink33@hotmail.com


Bullet From: James J. Lin- 30.04.2003

     Subject: Pressure Sensor


Do you know which companies provide pressure sensors that can be mounted on a pen to measure the pressure of

your finger when you are writing?


Thank you very much for your kind reply!


James J. Lin

E-mail: jinsonglin@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Lisa Wang- 25.04.2003

     Subject: Sensor for Human Body Temperature Measurement


Dear Sir or Madam,


I am looking for a infrared sensor which can measure the human body's temperature but not touch the body. Do you

have this kind product? Could you send me the product information or advise me where I can find this product? I am

looking forward to hearing from you soon. Your response is appreciated.



Lisa Wang

E-mail: lisajxwang@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Gaurav Garg- 25.04.2003

     Subject: Pressure Sensors


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am looking for low-cost pressure sensors (range 10-15psi absolute) for application in a gaseous environment. Size

not important. Sensors need to be low cost (< $15) and robust. Can be absolute or differential in nature.




Gaurav Garg

E-mail: garg@wombat.eng.fsu.edu


Bullet From: Chrissie Lu- 14.04.2003

     Subject: Temperature Sensor


Dear Sirs,


Our customer is interested in a kind of temperature sensor with some special specifications and the details as below:


1. Sensor type: T/C or RTD

2. Temperature range: 20~200 degree C

3. Accuracy: +/-0.01 or +/- 0.1 degree C

4. Respond time: 1 micro-second


Please be kind to confirm if you could offer the sensor meet by the specification. If yes pealse be kind to offer us the

quotation with details specification by return fax or e-mail as soon as possible.


We look forward to hear from you soonest.


Best Regards,


Chrissie Lu, 

Prow-Well Technical Ent. Ltd.

E-mail: chrissie@so-net.net.tw


Bullet From: Deepti S.- 14.04.2003

     Subject: Capacitance Sensor


I am looking for a capacitance type sensor for purpose of water level measurement. Could I also get the details of the

sensor concerned ?

Waiting for a quick reply,



E-mail: libran_dips@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Marcelo Sigal - 4.04.2003

     Subject: Ion Selective Membranes


Dear Sirs,


My company is looking for a supplier of Ion Selective Membranes to be used in Clinical diagnostic electrodes. Please

let me know if you can help me to find those products.




Marcelo Sigal

E-mail: msigal@ilscorporation.com


Bullet From: Wouter van Dillen - 10.03.2003

     Subject: Gas sensors


Dear mr/mrs,


Are there gas sensors for methane or CO2 that do not have to be warmed up? I am a student Industrial Design Engineering

of the Technical University of Delft. My graduate project is about integrating electronics in a stroller and a buggy. I want to 

integrate a gas sensor for methane or CO2 to indicate whether or not a child has a full dipper. Most gas sensors have to be

warmed up to 300-500 degrees Celsius, for a child-product this isn't acceptable. Can you give me details of gas sensors that

stay at room temperature?


Best regards,

Wouter van Dillen

Student Fac. OCP - Industrieel Ontwerpen.

E-mail: io184040@student.io.TUDelft.NL


Bullet From: Truvan Kwong - 10.03.2003


Dear Sirs / Madam,

Please refer to the photos and inform us if you could offer us this spare part item (Morgren sensor). Photo 1, photo 2.


Best Regards,

Truvan Kwong

E-mail: ktv_2000@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Ghasem Faraghi - 9.03.2003


I am looking for capacitive pressure sensor without any additional component such as microcontroller or etc. that can

be used for the medical purpose (BPM).

With best regards,


Ghasem Faraghi,

E-mail: gfaraghi@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Arabella Wong - 27.02.2003




I'm doing a research paper on sensors in the subway system. I'm looking for railway instruments/sensors that can

detect and allow a running train to know immediately when a person has fallen onto the railway. Any suggestions would

be greatly appreciated.


Arabella Wong,

E-mail: zivaklon@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Craig A. Churchman - 1.02.2003




I'm a second year mechanical engineering student and am looking for a sensor that can measure the angle of a ski

rope and made with the back of a ski boat. I'm new at this sensor stuff so any help would be appreciated.




Craig A Churchman,

College of Engineering,

University of Saskatchewan

E-mail: cac646@mail.usask.ca


Bullet From: Saroj Mishra - 31.01.2003




we are handling a big project about the capacitive pressure sensor. So we are doing the research work on that we like

to purchase a developed pressure sensor. If you are a supplier of that , please give the detail quota.


Saroj K Mishra,

Research assistant,

Dept of AEIE,

NIT, Rourkella-769008, Orissa.

E-mail: saroj_silu@yahoo.co.in


Bullet From: Pervez Bashir - 27.01.2003


I am looking for an instrument/sensor which can measure the wear and tear of rotating shaft of a motor or an engine. If

you have such an instrument please advice or if you don't deal with it, please advice the source where we can find this



Thanks and best regard

Pervez Bashir

Elecomp Automation

E-mail: pervezbashir@email.com


Bullet From: Pierre Joubert - 23.01.2003


I am interested in low cost flow sensors for liquid fertilizer, with flow rates from 1 liter/minute to 100 liters per minute.

Could you possibly advise who can assist me with these flow sensors. If these ready made flow sensors are not available,

could you advise on who can supply the raw sensors to manufacture these flow sensors?


Best Regards,

Pierre Joubert

E-mail: hannasa@mweb.co.za


Bullet From: Satya - 23.01.2003




I am graduate student in the USA working on interfacing of low power sensors to low power circuits and data acquisition

from these circuits using microcontrollers. I am in the start stage of the project. I need some earlier projects or materials

related on interfacing microcontrollers to potentiostats for sensors.


Thanking you.

E-mail: bulusat@iit.edu







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