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Bullet From John Cain  - 19.12.2005

     Subject: Communication Protocols/ Data Buses


I am looking for any information about communication protocols or databuses for very small sensors, transducers or other load devices, such as 'programmable matter'.




John Cain

CEO, 3IS, Inc.

Tel.: 248-420-0862

E-mail: Jcain1@twmi.rr.com


Bullet From H.R.Rejali  - 19.12.2005

     Subject: Pressure Transducer


Dear Sirs,

You are kindly requested to quote your best price for 3 pcs of Pressure Transducer with the following specification:

- Input Pressur: 0 10 mbar 
- Output Signal: 0 10 VDC
- Power Supply: 220 VAC

Place of installation: control cabinet inside of workshop.

Thanking in advance we look forward to hear from you very soon.

Best Regards 
ISFAHAN 81465, 
TEL.: 0098 311 2670023,2670024,2670025 
FAX : 0098 311 2670026 


Bullet From Hosam Hashem - 1.12.2005

     Subject: Long Range Distance Deduction


I am looking for long range distance detection up to 60 meter around circular shape machine.


E-mail: hashemha@aramco.com.sa

Bullet From Luis Vazquez - 29.11.2005

     Subject: Metals Trap Detecting


Dear Sirs,


We are looking for a sensor for detecting metals trap in continues mineral belt carrying ore at mine sites. Please advise if you have this type of sensor.


Thanks and regards,


Luis Vazquez


E-mail: nyva@terra.com.pe


Bullet From Aster De Schrijver - 3.11.2005

     Subject: Ultrasonic Sensors


Dear Sirs, 


Project No. 1:


We going to measure the height of a rising polyurethane foam in a narrow gap. Distance between sensor and bottom of gap: +/- 200 mm. Distance between sensor and cured foam: +/- 20 а 50 mm (setup can be slightly modified for the distances but the minimal range is +/-180 mm). Width of the gap is variable: 15 to 30 mm. Resolution for this measurement can be +/- a 1 mm. Output signal analog 0-10V or similar.


Matter rather urgent.

Qts. needed: +/- 50 pcs



Project No. 2:


We are looking for a low cost ultrasonic sensor for measuring the movement of a door frame while hitting/closing the door with different forces. The movement is rather small and ranges from 0,1 mm to max 10 mm. Do you have a possible solution ?


Qts. needed: +/- 8 pcs


Agent from Belgium are very welcome.

Best regards,


Mr Aster De Schrijver


Altachem NV

"The better technology partner"

Industrielaan 12

B 9800 Deinze (Belgium)

Tel + 32 9 380 27 11, fax + 32 9 380 26 91

E-mail: ads@altachem.com


Bullet From Charles Gilbert - 27.10.2005

     Subject: Electronic Design for Seismometers


I am presently doing consulting in low-noise electronic design for seismometers and scientific instruments. I have been thinking about the need for lower noise in commercially-available amplifiers. Low-noise op amps can achieve input noises on the order of about 1uV between DC and 10Hz. I believe it is possible for me to build a modular or hybrid op amp having an input noise ten times lower than this, on the order of 100nV rms between DC and 10Hz. 


I am curious to know if anyone thinks their might be a need for this kind of amplifier.


Charles Gilbert

E-mail: nondigital@gmail.com


Bullet From J.Charpentier - 3.10.2005

     Subject: Surface Velocity Measurement


We are looking for a sensor to measure the surface velocity of metallic rotating pieces with a contactless method and without necessity of a reflective target. We are wondering why the technology used on mice and other navigation systems (Agilent sensor measures changes in position by optically acquiring sequential images) is not applied to industrial sensors.



SKF France

Engineering Department

E-mail: Jacques.Charpentier@skf.com


Bullet From Sandeep Alankar - 2.10.2005

     Subject: Gas/Smell Sensors with PC connectivity


I am looking for Gas/Smell sensors which have Desktop PC connectivity through Serial, Parallel or USB etc. It would be highly thankful to you if you could also let me know the price and the place/vendor from which I may procure the same. 

Sandeep Alankar
New Delhi, India
E-mail: sandeepalankar@yahoo.co.in


Bullet From Balaji - 19.09.2005

     Subject: Car Parking Sensors



I'm doing a project on car parking controller using microcontroller. I would like know which sensor can I use for my application and also how to interface it with a microcontroller. I would be happy if you send me the details regarding my project.



With regards,


E-mail: ramcbb@yahoo.co.in


Bullet From Alfi Mulia - 18.09.2005

     Subject: Closed Loop Control System


I want to built Closed loop control system package from start to finish

1. Closed loop control system ( package )
- injection speed
- hold pressure
- back pressure
- temperature
- screw speed ( revs )
- clamping force

2. Handling system with Infrared Port transmitter and receiver

Please advice hardware and software to buy and the tutorial guide website to build this things, thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,

Alfi Mulia
JL Darmo Permai Selatan XIII/9
Surabaya 60226, Indonesia

E-mail: mulia@telkom.net.id


Bullet From Radu Dragus - 22.08.2005

     Subject: n-hexan Sensor


We are looking for a n-hexan sensor or transmitter, concentration of about 100 mg/m3.

Best regards,

Radu Dragus
Electronic Design Engineer
Sos. Berceni 8A
041914 Bucuresti

E-mail: rdragus@caloris.ro


Bullet From Aicardo Varon M.D. - 13.08.2005

     Subject: UAVs and Sniffer Sensors


I'm an advisor of CITA (Aeronautics Technology Investigation Center) of the Colombian Air Force, Colombia, South America. We are looking for funds and partners for investigation of the use of UAVs and Sniffer Sensors for the detection of landmines and IEDs. Please ask for details.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Aicardo Varon M.D.

CITA Advisor

Calle 8-Oeste # 24C-75

Tel/Fax 57-2 plus 514-3182

Cali Colombia

South America.

E-mail: saludlatina@salud-latina.net


Bullet From Jeff Schulz - 11.08.2005

     Subject: Laser 2-Axis Displacement Measurements


We're looking for a 2-axis laser receiver that can handle up to three or four inches of movement in an outdoor setting. It is for monitoring vertical and horizontal movement in large civil structures as they are loaded.


Our hope is to implement it something like the following list, and we are somewhat flexible on most of these.


1) We would mount the receiver on the structure, anywhere from 20' to 80' away from the laser transmitter such as a standard handheld pointer.


2) This pointer would remain motionless as the structure moved. The receiver could possibly move left and right and also up and down, with a maximum of 4 inches in either direction.


3) Accuracy would need to be hopefully in the several-hundredths inch range.


4) We would like to read analog outputs from the receiver directly into our data acquisition system. Hopefully plus/minus 5VDC output for each direction, but other possibilities can be considered.


5) We're assuming that we need to read from the receiver end, but if there's a way to read this from the laser end, that would be fine as well.

Thanks ! 


Jeff Schulz

Chief Testing Engineer

Bridge Diagnostics, Inc.

Boulder, Colorado

(303) 494-3230

E-mail: bdijxs@bridgetest.com


Bullet From Sunil Jain - 5.07.2005

     Subject: Gas Sensors


Looking for Silane, Nitrous oxide, Ammonia and Carbon tetrafluoride gas sensors: 4 nos. (one each)

1. Range of detection: 0 - 50 ppm (capable of sensing gas concentration < 0.5 ppm )
2. Sensor type: Electrochemical (mention details of the sensor in the quotation) 
3. Sensor life: Longer than 4 years
4. Signal from sensor: 4-20 mA (3 wire)
5. Operating temperature for the sensor: 0 - 50 C
6. Operating humidity for the sensor: 10 - 90% RH
7. Response time: < 5 sec. (or nearest standard)
8. Power supply to the sensor: from the control unit between 12 V to 24V 
9. The power to the control system : 220 V AC
10.The sensor should have mounting facility on the wall
11.The control module should have settable limits for the respective gas concentration to trigger an alarm: the alarm should be audible

     and  also have NO/NC relay contacts.
12.The control module should have the facility of attaching and reading the data from at least 4 sensor heads
13.The sensor would be placed inside a potential leak site from where the wire should carry the signal to a control module that should

     indicate gas concentration level
14.The control module should have the facility of attaching and reading the data from a maximum of 6 sensor heads

For Quality Machine Tools Corp.,
Sunil Jain

E-mail: qmtc@sancharnet.in


Bullet From Andrzej Furmanowski - 25.07.2005

     Subject: GMR c6 resistor


I am looking for GMR c6 resistor manufactured by Infineon. I am interested in knowing where this resistor can be purchased.


Andrzej Furmanowski,

62 300 Wrze nia,

ul.Wybickiego nr 2,


E-mail: afurmanowski@wp.pl


Bullet From Thembokuhle Marx - 15.07.2005

     Subject: Capacitive Sensor


How can I develop a simple capacitive sensor which can be placed inline in a pipe and which can detect the deterioration of oil flowing in that pipe.



Bullet From Ian Drozdinski - 6.07.2005

     Subject: Level Sensor


We are looking for distance measuring sensor to control of liquid silicium level.
The main features should be:

1. The distance from sensor to silicium is 1-3 m
2. Temperature of liquid silicium is about 1460 C
3. There is a gas (argon) inside of the melting chamber
4. Accunacy is +/-1mm

I think that it can be any laser sensor. This sensor must be high temperature protected if we will install it inside of melting chamber.

What could you advise to us?
Looking forward to your reply.

Ian Drozdinski,
Technical Director
Vyborgskaya st. 22
Tel. +7-095-7978856, fax. +7-095-4500043
e-mail: ian.drozdinski@servotech.ru


Bullet From Dan Goldman - 8.06.2005

     Subject: Moisture Meter


I was looking for a moisture meter that could be set to read very shallow, 1/2 inch in depth or less. Many have pins that are too long, and some of the pinless are proud of how deep they go, but I want to stay shallow to read just near the surface. I was hoping that some of the electronic ones were adjustable. Any suggestions on that?
Dan Goldman,
Technology Integration Services
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
POB 256
6900 NW 62nd Ave
Johnston, IA 50131 USA
Tel.:515 270 3524, fax 515 270 3411


Bullet From James Corner - 27.05.2005

     Subject: Photoelectric Sensor


I am looking for photoelectric Sensor (thru beam) that has a high resolution. The receiver must have the capability of seeing the transmitted beam in a extreme environment. The Sensor heads must be compact, (no larger than a pensile eraser) I have had some luck with a sensor from one of the leading manufacturing  Sensor companies, But the problem is durability. If someone has any Sensors that will work with the above specs, pleas let me in on the manufactures name. 


Thank you.

James S. Corner

E-mail: jcorner@walkercorp.com


Bullet From Shikha Jain - 12.05.2005

     Subject: Carbon Dioxide Sensors


For my project on carbon dioxide incubator, I need a low cost carbon dioxide sensor.


Please suggest.




E-mail: shikhaerudite@yahoo.com


Bullet From Allinson Rosanne - 10.05.2005

     Subject: Child Presence Sensor


We are very interested in knowing where this sensor can be purchased. Is it available on the market now? It is a product that has been apparently developed originally by NASA called the Child Presence Sensor. Apparently it is a device that is attached to an infant car seat. The purpose is to alert the parent or child guardian that inadvertently leaves a child in the car.


Please either email us back with this information or call us at 954-797-5299, ext 350 for myself or extension 215 for Commander Harn.


Rosanne Allinson

Broward Sheriff's Office

Child Protective Investigations Section

954-797-5299 Ext. 350

E-mail: Rosanne_Allinson@sheriff.org


Bullet From Matthew Johnson - 5.05.2005

     Subject: Sensor for Bearings


I work for a company that produces ball and roller bearings. We are looking for a sensor that can detect a ball (metal or ceramic) through outer rings which have various wall thickness. The balls will be in motion riding in a track or "raceway". Our effective wall thickness ranges from approximately .050" to 1". Essentially we are looking for a sensor that acts like a proximity switch, however if needs to have the ability to see an object moving behind another object (without inducing any magnetism). This has not been an easy search thus far. If you can shed any light on this it would be greatly appreciated.


Matt Johnson

Mechanical Engineer, Gage Design

New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc.

HiTech Division

E-mail: mjohnson@nhbb.com


Bullet From Alex  - 3.05.2005

     Subject: Nitrogen Sensor


I am looking for a sensor that can measure nitrogen and preferable also water in soil. Does such a product exist (also only a sensor for nitrogen measurement)?


Best regards and thanks in advance.


E-mail: alexit.jensen@get2net.dk


Bullet From Hilmar Sighvatsson - 2.05.2005

     Subject: CO2 an SnO2 Sensor


I am looking for a sensor that have two outputs 0-10V DC one for CO2 an other with SnO2.




Hilmar Sighvatsson

Tel.:+354 5886070

Fax: +354 5886071

E-mail: hilmars@hitataekni.is


Bullet From Randy Curtis - 26.04.2005

     Subject: Sensor Application




I have an application that would use a sensor to measure the presence of an impact of a ball against a screen. Can you recommend any company or product for that? thx. RC


Randy Curtis

E-mail: RCURTIS@owensdesign.com


Bullet From Andreas Strohmeier - 6.04.2005

     Subject: Alternatives




do you know alternatives to GMRC6 from Infineon or KMZ43 from Philips?


Thanks a lot for your support.

Best regards,


Andreas Strohmeier

Initialbuyer Design Center

Flextronics Int Althofen

direct: +43 4262 2644 1379

mobile: +43 676 8980 1379

fax: +43 4262 2645 1379

E-mail: andreas.strohmeier@at.flextronics.com


Bullet From Abi - 3.02.2005

     Subject: Gas Detector


I am basically trying to build a gas detector which can identify at least 4 different gases using LEDS to identify them.


The output is an analogue voltage which is characteristic to the identified gas. The programmable logic device is going to be used to select the appropriate LED for the identified gas.


I do not want to use a microprocessor or any type of memory for the identification process mainly because the sensor is required to be hardware based.


I am looking into interfacing a gas senor with a programmble logic device. Could you be kind enough to email the circuit diagram ? 





E-mail: aba084@unl.ac.uk


Bullet From Gaurav Sawhney - 23.01.2005

     Subject: Human Detection


Dear Sir !


I am working on a project which requires to detect the human presence in a room . If you have any such good sensors please provide the information and the pricelist.


Thanks & Regards.


Gaurav Sawhney

E-mail: gaurav_thepride@yahoo.co.in


Bullet From captehmoor@hotmail.com - 13.01.2005

     Subject: Sensors




I am working on small scale vehicles. I want to to study basically traction control on track vehicle but for this I am using small scale vehicles and want to measure the most accurate readings like rpm of sprocket, torque on sprocket. Can you suggest me any method or sensor to use. Any other link, material will also help me.


Thank you.


E-mail: captehmoor@hotmail.com


Bullet From Gary F. Holleran - 4.01.2005

     Subject: Need contactless insitu pkg measurements: RH & T w RF communication?


Are there inexpensive small battery operated sensors that record and/or communicate the internal conditions of a package, without opening them? 


Some sensors would be in use for 12 mo. They would need to survive exposure to a acidic organic solid at ambient temperature. Data collected: relative humidity and temperature. One device preferred.


Individual poling by ID would be nice but is not necessary if the transmission range is short.


Sensors would be placed in the middle of a 30 gallon fibre drum filled with the solids.


Thanks in advance.


Gary F. Holleran

E-mail: jhawkfred@aol.com



Bullet From Mahdi Mohseni - 4.01.2005

     Subject: Oxygen Sensors


Dear Sir,


We need 1000 pieces oxygen sensor for our project. How can we buy those?  Please send more information and price list.

Best regard,


Mahdi Mohseni

E-mail: m_mohseni@ip-co.com







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