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Bullet From Shraddha Patel - 22.12.2006

     Subject: ZigBee Compatible Sensors


We are looking for a company which can provide and interface ZigBee compatible sensors for our fire safety systems and integrate them with the main server also.


Shraddha Patel

3di systems(India) Pvt.Ltd.

E-mail: shraddha.patel@3disystems.com


Bullet From T. Kwong - 21.12.2006

     Subject: Hall Magnetic Gear Speed Sensor


Please check the requested magnetic sensor (datasheet) and let me know if you can get me an item with the same specification as this Magnetic Hall Sensor.


Requested quantity = 500 to 1000 pieces per year.


Best Regards,

T Kwong

General Sales Manager

Yarteer Scientific Co.

Email: yarteer@tom.com


China Office:

Tel: (86)-13143910980

Fax: (86)-755-81320687


Hong Kong Office:

Tel: (852)-65295980

Fax: (852)-21496421


Bullet From Theo Dorman-Kade - 15.12.2006

     Subject: Gas Sensors


Dear Sir/Madame,


My name is Theo Dorman-Kade and I represent a company called Gtelligence. I am writing to enquire about a natural gas sensor, and would like to know if you can provide advice on the following query.


We are trying to find a natural gas sensor that can remain dormant (un-powered ) for fifteen years, but which after this time has expired, can then be powered up to take one reliable gas sample. The concept is to detect natural gas in air at 5% LEL or 2500 ppm. Temperature is -50C to 400 C. Humidity is 10% - 90% Relative Humidity.


Do you know if it is possible to obtain a low cost gas sensor that can do this ?


Would such a sensor need to be protected from the elements (this being located in a house basement) in some way to prevent corrosion etc.; eg. Some sort of membrane around the sensor that can be removed when the time is right without human intervention ?


The ultimate intention is to detect if there is a small leak of natural or combustible gas in a 1 " pipe, so if there are other reliable techniques that could fit this criteria ( ultrasonic ?) , we'd appreciate your advice. The sensor cannot be portable, but is instead permanently fixed.


I look forward to your response.



Theo Dorman-Kade

Direct: +353.21.4928964

Main: +353.21.4928900

Mobile: +353.86.3752917

E-mail: theo@gtelligence.com


Bullet From Marcelo Vilaboa Blome - 3.12.2006

     Subject: Vibration Transmitter


I need a vibration transmitter, loop powered 4-20 ma. Please send price in US $.



E-mail: inal@inbox.com

Bullet From Ndegwa Kabogo - 2.12.2006

     Subject: Cheap Sensor Strips



I am looking for really cheap sensor strips that measure weight when sat on. These should be connected to another cheap gadget that takes readings for every time the strip is compressed by a weight of between than 30kg and 150kg.


E-mail: ogobak@yahoo.com

Bullet From James Newton - 10.11.2006

     Subject: Rotation Sensor


Dear Sirs,


I am looking for a system that detects the sense of rotation of cement mixer drums. Any help would be gratefully accepted.




James Newton

Strategic Accounts Manager

Novacom Services Tel. +33 561 395 022

8-10, rue Hermиs Fax +33 561 395 001

Parc Technologique du Canal Mob +33 675 046 523

31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne, France

E-mail: james.newton@novacom-services.com



Bullet From Vincent Yakubanski - 9.11.2006

     Subject: Biosensor


We have used the IASYS biosensor for measurement of affinities between proteins. But now this biosensor chips is not available.


Do you know  a company, which produces and sells such biosensor chips ?


With the best wishes,


Prof. Dr. Stefan Rose-John

Director, Department of Biochemistry

Christian-Albrechts-Universitдt zu Kiel, Medical Faculty

OlshausenstraЯe 40

D-24098 Kiel, Germany


Tel: 49-431-880 2018 (secretary), 49-431-880 3336

Fax: 49-431-880 5007

e-mail: rosejohn@biochem.uni-kiel.de


Bullet From Vincent Yakubanski - 4.11.2006

     Subject: Gas Sensors


Need a sensor to read C1,C2,C3,IC4,& NC5; it will have to read low concentrations of gas (10ppm) and high concentrations up to 10000 ppm. Air dilution can be used. Also is not affected by Silicon, H2S or Polymers. Sensor used for gas detection in mudlogging. Not interested in FID or IR.

Vincent Yakubanski


Bullet From Prashant Sangal - 19.10.2006

     Subject: Magnetic Guide Sensors


I am looking for a list of manufacturers, who make magnetic strips and Magnetic guide sensors for AGV Navigation. One of those manufacturer is Macome Corp. Japan. I need to know about more manufacturers.

Kindly send me the list as soon as possible.

Prashant Sangal
Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz
Gurgaon, India
Tel.: 0091 124 4043280 (#122)

E-mail: prashant.sangal@hitechroboticsystemz.com


Bullet From John Honneysett - 17.10.2006

     Subject: Speed Sensors


I am looking for a UK distributor for non-contact laser speed/tachometer sensors.


John Honneysett MIEE
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer
Product Performance Group
Tel.: +44 (0)118 976 5329

E-mail: John.Honneysett@uk.bp.com


Bullet From David C. Johnson - 3.10.2006

     Subject: Sensors Distribution


Sequoia Technology is a UK system integrator of sensors and related products and wish to contact overseas manufacturers of innovative sensor products and new technologies to discuss exclusive distribution in the UK/Europe to industries such as aerospace / petro-chem / manufacturing / R&D and defense.


David C. Johnson

E-mail: david.johnson@sequoia.co.uk


Bullet From Marjan Alavi - 27.09.2006

     Subject: Position and Velocity Sensors




I want some information (technical and price) on available position and velocity sensors. For velocity below 1m/h.



Marjan Alavi

E-mail: marjan_alavi1982@yahoo.com


Bullet From Rakesh Yadav - 22.09.2006

     Subject: Pressure Sensors


I am looking for  MPXV5004D differential pressure sensor and MPXAZ4115 pressure sensor vendor in India.


Rakesh Yadav

E-mail: hello2.rakesh@gmail.com



Bullet From Mark Kilburn - 29.06.2006

     Subject: Accurate Ultrasonic Displacement/Distance Sensors


I am looking to purchase low cost highly accurate ultrasonic displacement/distance sensors with optimum range of 3 - 4 meters, analog output price extremely important - expected initial production qty 1000.


Similar to EDP or Senscomp Mini - A (ultrasonic modules).


All responses are welcome.


Kind regards,



E-mail: mark.kilburn@csmu-tech.com.au


Bullet From Kenji Saito - 29.06.2006

     Subject: Sensor


I am looking for some type of sensor that can be set up across two points that will only be triggered when a specific signal crosses the "beam" or "barrier". The system must be able to be set up so only this signal will trip the system. If a body or other mass crosses the beam the system must still be able to detect this signal. There would be some sort of chip or device that will emit a specific pulse or frequency that will be able to transmit even if it is concealed, i.e. if it is in a pocket or a bag. The signal would then be transmitted to activate another device. This must be a specific signal however. Do you know of any type of sensor, such as a photoelectric beam or something to that nature that may accomplish this? Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


Kenji Saito

E-mail: ksaito@aaaalarms.ca


Bullet From Gerard Johnson - 28.06.2006

     Subject: Submersible Torque Sensors


I am looking for submersible torque sensors (price range and the delivery time).


Gerard Johnson


Schlumberger IPC

555 Industrial Boulevard

Sugar Land, TX 77478

Tel.: 281-285-4753

E-mail: GJohnson17@sugar-land.oilfield.slb.com


Bullet From Mike Rowe - 23.05.2006

     Subject: Sensors for Rotation Speed and Direction


We are working on a pilot installation where we need to sense a rotation and or direction of the drum on a cement mixer. Do you have some simple and cheap sensors for rotation sensing that can be linked into out tracking system, preferably with serial connectivity (rs232/485) or with constant voltage outputs as signals ? 




Mike Rowe

Vehicle Installation Engineer

07919497789 x7493

E-mail: michael.rowe@microlise.com


Bullet From Ann Angel - 11.05.2006

     Subject: Flexible Pressure Sensors


I am looking for a manufacturer of flexible pressure sensors. I need something that can measure pressure gradients over 30cms, so I guess that I will need a number of sensors along a strip of some sort. They need to be flexible and thin.


Ann Angel

Riancorp Pty Ltd


E-mail: aangel@riancorp.com


Bullet From Mohammed Frahim - 24.04.2006

     Subject: Water Level Sensor



I am looking for the cheapest available water sensors. I just need to know if my water tank is filled or not ?

Mohammed Frahim
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
E-mail: mohammed.frahim@tcs.com
URL: http://www.tcs.com

Bullet From Andy - 21.04.2006

     Subject: Need Information About Pressure Sensors


Hi, could you tell me where I can find more information about pressure sensors ? I have a humanoid robot, and I need some pressure sensors in his feet so that he knows he is actually touching the floor. Also, do you know any angle sensor (maybe variable resistor...)? I want to put it at the elbow of the user. So that the robot can copy the elbow movement of the user.




E-mail: andykong51@hotmail.com


Bullet From Anwar Shwaikh - 17.04.2006

     Subject: Sensors for Corrosion Detection


We are looking for a Zigbee Vendor that develops sensors for Corrosion detection and also in power lines applications. If you have the right product, then we are very much interested in partnering with you for the Middle East and NA region knowing that we have the long history success and experience in the market. We have an experienced sales team, Capability to execute promotional activities and all Financial resources required to Invest, train, Demonstrate equipments, Trade show costs, travels , etc.


Best regards,


Anwar Shwaikh

Projects Manager

Electronic Saudi Network (e-Saudi)

Mob :- 966506458267

E-mail: anwar@e-saudi.net


Bullet From George Koren - 7.04.2006

     Subject: Presence Detector


We have developed an automated spa cover lift to open and close the common residential portable spa cover. We are looking for a sensor to detect the presence of object/people in and around the edge of the spa. It must be weather proof, dependable, durable, and inexpensive. The market potential for this sensor can as much as 200,000+ unit annual.

George Koren 
154 Pinewood Dr.
Evergreen Co. 80439

Tel.: 303-670-5212


Bullet From Sameer Chorge - 29.03.2006

     Subject: Rotation Sensors


We are working on some solution where we need to sense a rotation of the drum in the Stetter concrete mixer trucks. Click <here> to see the image of the truck. Do you have some simple and cheap sensors for rotation sensing ?


Thanks and regards,

Sameer Chorge

Manager - Development and Engineering

Reliance Telematics


E-mail: Sameer.Chorge@rll.in


Bullet From Ernestas Letukis - 27.03.2006

     Subject: Temperature Sensors


Our company is specified in automation and process control projects and also selling automotive components. We are looking for temperature sensors for concrete temperature measuring in mixing process. This sensor must be mounted in stirrer wall. The main sensor must be inside of mixer with protective wearproof shell. There must be 2 wires going outside for 4...20 mA. Working temperature limits: 
0 - 80 C.

For this moment we need 2 pieces of this device. Please send us a specification, prices and delivering time to Lithuania.

Ernestas Letukis, Manager.
'Digital Code' JSC (UAB 'Skaitmeninis kodas')
Savanoriu str. 271-286, 
LT-50131 Kaunas.
Tel./fax.: 00370 37 311076,
Mob.: 00370 618 83699,


Bullet From Philippe Jacot  - 10.03.2006

     Subject: Sensor


I'm looking for sensors that can be installed on a boat sail and connected to an acquisition device that send data to a central unit for further software processing. The sensor must adapt to a non rigid sail shape and works in marine condition (salt, rain). It must be very small and limit as much as possible fluid dynamics interference with the sail performance. Actually the purpose is to measure the pressure difference generated on the two sides of a sail at the same sail coordinate, so any other indication about the sensor that best meets this goal is welcome. We are looking for a small atmospheric sensors to measure sail pressure difference. The sensor should be small and flat and capable to work in marine conditions (water, salt, ..). Wish would be a passive capacitive sensor.


Any indication on the subject would be helpful.



Philippe Jacot

Adonite Research Sаrl

E-mail: philippe.jacot@adonite.com



Bullet From Jason Field  - 7.03.2006

     Subject: RPM Sensor


Hello. I am looking for a sensor that can read RPM and has an output of 0 to 10 volts DC. Any help would be great.


Jason Field

Freightliner LLC

E-mail: JasonField@freightliner.com


Bullet From Ondrej Valent  - 28.02.2006

     Subject: Infrared and Ultrasonic Sensing Element


We are looking for infrared and ultrasonic sensing element like in PIR detector for cheap sensor construction in high volume series production. Can you advice some producer ?


Thank you very much.

Bets regards,


Ondrej Valent, MD CMMS

E-mail: cmms@telecom.cz


Bullet From Chuck Marshall  - 17.02.2006

     Subject: Gas (Methane) Flow Transducer


We are looking for a gas (methane) flow transducer that would be able to indicate gas flow volume in a 4" (100mm) diameter pipeline. Gas pressure 60-100 psig. Gas at ambient temperature. Accuracy +/- 10% or greater.


+100 units EAU


Ideal Specification:

  • 0.50 - 5.5 V Analog Output (can use 4-20 Analog);

  • Internal battery or 6-12V power;

  • Minimally intrusive (installed via tapped hole in pipeline) cannot cross section pipe;

  • Outdoor operating environment;

Thanks and Best Regards,


Chuck Marshall


TEL: 781-829-9228

E-mail: cmarshall@telescada.com


Bullet From Atul Motla  - 18.01.2006

     Subject: Exclusive Representation




We are Bombay, India based instrumentation company. Manufacturers of specialty sensors/instruments/systems can contact us for exclusive representation in India. We have wide sales and service network.


Atul Motla



Fax: +91-22-28965763

Bullet From Marcello Ferrero  - 12.01.2006

     Subject: Sensor


I'm looking for sensors that can be installed on a boat sail and connected to an acquisition device that send data to a central unit for further software processing.


The sensor must adapt to a non rigid sail shape and works in marine condition (salt, rain). It must be very small and limit as much as possible fluid dynamics interference with the sail performance. Actually the purpose is to measure the pressure difference generated on the two sides of a sail at the same sail coordinate, so any other indication about the sensor that best meets this goal is welcome. 



Marcello Ferrero

Milan, Italy

E-mail: marcello_ferrero@yahoo.com





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