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Bullet From Shibanka Biswas  - 26.12.2007

    Subject: High Pressure Wireless Transducer


We are looking for wireless transducer to measure up to 500 MPa of momentary pressure for about 10 ms. The temperature would also go up to 2000 K during that time.


E-mail: Shibanka.Biswas@ni.com


Bullet From Control Solutions & Services  - 10.12.2007

    Subject: Pressure Sensors


We are looking for a measuring device that can measure pressure of -20 bar to 20 bar, perhaps you could recommend us from your product range that can suit our application.


Looking forward to your reply soonest


Thank you and regards



Control Solutions & Services

Tel. : +62 815 189 8277

Fax : +62 21 560 6441

E-mail: control.solutions.services@gmail.com


Bullet From M. Shanthi - 6.12.2007

    Subject: Battery Powered Level Sensors


Dear Sir,


I am looking for battery powered level sensors typically to measure solid particles like ash, coal, etc. It should also have ZIGBEE support.





E-mail: shanthi@bhelrpt.co.in


Bullet From David Mandelboum - 1.12.2007

    Subject: Image Sensor


We wish to have: image sensor, CMOS, 2d, B/W, highly sensitive at NIR, frame rate >60Hz. Format: smaller than 1/7". Resolution: QCIF.


David Mandelboum

E-mail: daveman@zahav.net.il


Bullet From René van der Meer - 23.11.2007

    Subject: Fast Linear Optical CMOS Sensor/CCD


We are looking for a commercially available fast linear optical cmos sensor/ccd. 500 pixels 10x10um RGB 30 KHz.


René van der Meer


R&D Océ Technologies

E-mail: rene.vandermeer@oce.com


Bullet From Sayanu Pamidighantam - 6.10.2007

    Subject: Sensors


We have a requirement for sensors of the following type


1. Stiffness sensor

2. Corrosion sensor

3. Pressure sensor

4. Strain sensor

5. Crack detection sensor


for aerospace applications. The sensors should not be wireless. And the signal integrity should be retained over a distance of 7 feet.


We would like to take guidance and consultancy in realizing these devices.


Many thanks

E-mail: sayanu@hotmail.com


Bullet From Jana Puscas - 4.10.2007

    Subject: Glucose Sensors


Our company wants to find out some prices for glucose sensors.


Best regards,


Ana Puscas

E-mail: ana-maria.puscas.ext@siemens.com


Bullet From John Pappas - 1.10.2007

    Subject: Anemometer Sensors


We are looking for low cost, medium accuracy cup anemometer sensors for amateur wind speed measurement application.


John Pappas

Altener Co, Athens Greece

E-mail: jpappa@otenet.gr


Bullet From Antonio Moreno - 19.9.2007

    Subject: IEEE 1451 Prototyping Kits


We would like to receive the complete list of manufacturers of IEEE 1451 Prototyping Kits.


Thank you!


Dr. Antonio Moreno Muñoz

Universidad de Córdoba

E-mail: amoreno@uco.es


Bullet From A K De - 21.8.2007

    Subject: Linear Heat Detector Unit


I am looking for metallic tube based linear heat detector unit. I have a regular requirement. Unit should be approved by UL or VdS or FM or Lloyds or equivalent.


Please respond to caldtpl@gmail.com and caldtpl@giascl01.vsnl.net.in


A K De


De's Technico Pvt Ltd.

16 Mangoe Lane, Kolkata 700001

Telefax # (033) 2554 4777, 2554 4925, 2554 1230


Bullet From Tzila Shamir - 28.6.2007

    Subject: Speed Measurement by Radar


We are looking for some SCIENTIFIC references about the "cosine effect" in speed measurements by radar.


On the web I managed to find only "popular" references or instruction manuals, which are not explained very well.


Thank you

Dr. Tzila Shamir

E-mail: tzila@yosh.ac.il


Bullet From Suken Padayachie - 12.6.2007

    Subject: Speed Measurement


I would like to measure a speed on a transmission. I am using a microprocessor. What is the best method to do this using a variable reluctrance sensor ?


Many thanks


Unity Sales & Services

Tel: (+2711) 845-3891, fax: (+2711) 420-2740

Cell: 0829237987

E-mail: suken@unitysales.co.za


Bullet From Anish Saxena  - 7.6.2007

    Subject: Ultrasonic Distance Meter


We are looking for a ultrasonic distance meter, which can measure up to 30 meters in length and has least count of at least 5mm.


Regards, Anish


E-mail: anish@bialairport.com


Bullet From David Johnson  - 31.5.2007

    Subject: Biometric Sensors


UK distributor of innovative sensor technologies looking for supplier of biometric sensing products to distribute in the UK and/or Europe. Fingerprint / palm or retina scan products for marketing to existing OEM and end-user customer base.


David Johnson

Manager - Sensors Division

Sequoia Technology Ltd.

E-mail: David.Johnson@sequoia.co.uk


Bullet From Dennis Horwitz  - 25.4.2007

    Subject: Fiber Optic Sensors


Looking for manufacturers or develops passive fiber optic voltage (up to +270VDC) and current sensors suitable for aerospace environment (-50 to +125/+150C).


Dennis Horwitz

Technical Sales Manager

Micronor Inc.

3483 Old Conejo Rd, Ste 203

Newbury Park, CA 91320

Tel.: 805.499.0114, fax: 805.499.6585

Cell: 805.377.9480

E-mail dennis.horwitz@micronor.com


Bullet From Rodrigo Estrada  - 13.4.2007

    Subject: Detection of Cement Mixer Drums Rotation


I need a working solution that detects the sense of rotation of cement mixer drums. Of preference a system already developed to install quickly.




Rodrigo Estrada

E-mail: restrada@ultragestion.cl


Bullet From Bo Christiansen - 29.3.2007

    Subject: ZigBee Sensors


We are looking for three ZigBee devices. One, a very small battery powered passive infrared motion sensor.


Two, a very small battery powered magnetic contact (door open/closed) sensor.


Three, a GSM modem with ZigBee. Either main or battery powered (prefer

battery powered).



Kind regards


Bo Christiansen


100% CARE Pty Ltd

135 Esplanade West

Port Melbourne Victoria 3207



Phone +61 (0)3 9636 3298

Fax +61 (0)3 9012 4478

Mobile +61 (0)407 079 956

E-mail: bochristi@gmail.com


Bullet From David Johnson  - 13.3.2007

    Subject: Mesh Network and IP Embedded Sensor Systems


Would like to make contact with Europe based companies who are interested in distribution of innovative Mesh network and IP embedded sensor systems for measurement of temperature, humidity, light level etc.




David Johnson

Manager - Sensors Division

Sequoia Technology Ltd


T.:  0118 976 9014

M.: 07824 357085

E-mail: David.Johnson@sequoia.co.uk


Bullet From Nitin Raulji   - 9.3.2007

    Subject: Sensors for Human Height Measurement


We are looking for proximity/ distance measuring sensor for automated measurement of Human height for Medical purpose.


Range : 0 - 3 Mtr

Accuracy: 1 mm


This is for commercial production of a medical device for automated measurement of Human height. The sensor will be placed overhead. Pls. suggest a sensor suitable for human hair/ skin as reflective surface.


Pls. send Data sheets, specs, commercial offer for 100 / 500/ 1000 pcs. Our annual purchase will be around 5000 pcs.


If you have a suitable product for this application, we would like to have a sample for evaluation. If you do not supply this product, I would appreciate if you could advise other supplier/ product.




Nitin Raulji

3Wi Technologies

J12, Natasha Park #1, New Chhani Road, Vadodara 390002 INDIA

+91 94276 02297; (265) 3919608

E-mail: 3witech@gmail.com


Bullet From Neelamshobha Nirala  - 8.3.2007

     Subject: High Sensitive Pressure Transducer


I am looking for a high sensitive pressure transducer, which I can use for BP measurement within min time ,having very high CMMR.

So kindly give me any idea about this type of Xducer as soon as posssible.


Neelamshobha Nirala

E-mail: neelam_nirala@yahoo.co.in


Bullet From Zyra Joy Yanilla - 13.2.2007

     Subject: Temperature Sensor


Is there any low cost sensor that measures human body temperature that can be used in a circuit for automatic lighting switches? and is it available in the Philippines? at what cost? thank you very much! your response will be a great help and i will very much appreciate it.


Zyra Joy Yanilla

E-mail: zheradhzoy@yahoo.com


Bullet From Cristina - 1.2.2007

     Subject: Humidity Sensors


Dear Sir/Madam,


We're an Italian distributor of electric components. We're interested in humidity sensor, in  particularly we need a sensor with these characteristics:

  • Min temperature under zero° (optimal is around -30°)

  • Work with humidity at 100%

So I Need to know if you can produce sensors with these  characteristics and  offer for 30.000 pcs per year ?


Thank you for your prompt reply


Ipotesi SRL

Via Don Volpi 63

21047 Saronno-VA-


E-mail: cristina@sala.com


Bullet From Nick Mercouris - 1.2.2007

     Subject: Sound Signals Processing


I'm looking for small devices that can receive and process sound signals and indicate if and when/where there are changes in frequency.

Can you help in process?


Thank you

Nick Mercouris

E-mail: nickmerc3456@hotmail.com


Bullet From Manoj Thorat - 8.1.2007

     Subject: Sensor for Detecting Hexan Vapour



I am looking for a sensor to detect Hexan vapours. Please assist for a suitable product.

With Kind regards,

Manoj Thorat
Navion Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

E-mail: manoj_thorat@naviongroup.com




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