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Bullet From  Unknown - 5.11.2009

    Subject: Sensor for Cement Truck Monitoring


I am looking for sensor that detects when a cement truck starts to pour and would link with our present AVL units. So it must be able either to accept code or relay its information to the unit for transmission to our servers.


E-mail: theson65@gmail.com


Bullet From Mandar Mahajan  - 8.10.2009

    Subject: Proximity/Distance Sensors


We are looking for proximity/ distance measuring sensor for automated measurement of Human height.


Range : 0 - 3 m

Accuracy: 1 mm


This is for commercial production of a device for automated measurement of Human height. The sensor will be placed overhead. Pls. suggest a sensor suitable for human hair/ skin as reflective surface.


Pls. send Data sheets, specs, commercial offer for evaluation pcs.


If you have a suitable product for this application, we would like to have a sample for evaluation. If you do not supply this product, I would appreciate if you could advise other supplier/ product.





Mandar Mahajan

(R&D Engg.)

Direct Nos.: 91-22-66804068

E-mail: mandar_m@avon.co.in



Bullet From Senthil Kumar G. - 13.9.2009

    Subject: Sensors


We are Engineering service provider located in Bangalore. We are looking for sensors.


Details are:

1) The sensor will sense the pipe entry and send signal to hydraulic cylinders to close the unit.

2) The sensor will sense the pipe entry and send signal to unit to start the flow with delay setting.


PFA for more details about requirement.


Can you please suggest one of your product to suit this requirement.


Thanking You,




Senthil Kumar.G.

Design Engineer

Aktis Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd

#3,Garvebhavipalya, Near HTMT Bangalore/Karnataka

560068, India.

Mobile: + 91 9986253845

E-Mail: senthilkumar_g@aktisengineering.com


Bullet From Bogidar Dimov - 29.8.2009

    Subject: Sensor




I am looking for sensor like the one on the pictures. Please help me to find it. I do not know what is the name or model of this type of sensors. The sensor is two types: one is working on PULL the other one is working on PUSH. They look the same from outside thank you in advance.


Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3


Bogidar Dimov

E-mail: defcon@abv.bg


Bullet From Gladys Liard  - 19.8.2009

    Subject: Magnetic Sensors



We are manufacturing 2 pole DC motor for power window regulator. Sometime while magnetizing the poles, it is reverse polarized due to operators mistake. It will be a problem if we used it in the door. To avoid this problem, we are in need of a magnetic sensor which identify this reverse polarity and give alarm before finishing the complete assembly of motor.


Mugundhan Mani

E-mail: mugu.86@gmail.com


Bullet From Gladys Liard  - 18.5.2009

    Subject: Gas Sensors


I am looking for sensors manufacturers for the detection of biogas quality after epuration. I need to control:


- molar fraction of CO2 around 3 %

- molar fraction of CH4 around 97 %

- H2S content around 7 ppm

- Humidity content or dew point around 5 at 80 bars.


This should be mesurable in a gas of 100ppm of O2 only. I am especially interested in the Asian manufacturers.


Gladys Liard

ARIA Energie, ZA Baluffet,

31300 Toulouse

Tel.: (+33) (0)5 34 56 93 07

E-mail: gliard@messel.emse.fr


Bullet From Pat Garland  - 12.5.2009

    Subject: Level Transmitter


Have a Stainless milk tank 15 feet high. Need to fit level transmitter to bottom of tank. Need to fit flange to bottom of tank. Tank next to it has a level. Transmitter with a flange S3150A36. Can you quote for Level Transmitter 4-20 mA output ?




Pat Garland

Tel.: 353 86 2344080

Garland Instruments


Co Tipperary


E-mail: pat_garland@garlandinstruments.ie


Bullet From Ghazanfer Feroz  - 28.4.2009

    Subject: Pressure Sensors




Please advise us if you can propose the EXACT replacement MODELS for the pressure sensors (click to see photos):


Sensor 1

Sensor 2

Sensor 3

Sensor 4

Sensor 5

Sensor 6


Range: 0-300 bars. Application: Hydraulic


Best regards,



E-mail: gferoz@aminferoz.com



Bullet From Tina Perrault  - 3.4.2009

    Subject: Moisture Detection


I have invented a simple device that detects moister intrusion in the body of a wall PAT.#US 7,284,412 anyone interested
call 251 747 6485.


Tina Perrault"

E-mail: perrault@gulftel.com


Bullet From Devdulal Ghosh  - 29.1.2009

    Subject: Moisture Sensors


I want to measure the inside moisture percentage of ripe mango remotely (consider the mango is on tree and I am on land). Is there any instrument (mainly moisture sensor/meter) such that I can measure the percentage (%) of moisture inside the mango. If yes, just give me idea about the price also.


Devdulal Ghosh

E-mail: devdulal.ghosh@cdackolkata.in


Bullet From Arnaldo D'Amico  - 22.1.2009

    Subject: Pressure Sensors


We are looking for pressure sensors able to detect pressure differences in air with resolutions of the order of few Pascal in the dynamic range from few Pascal (5 Pascal would be fine) up to about 1000 Pascal.


Prof. A.D'Amico

E-mail: damico@eln.uniroma2.it


Bullet From V. Murphy  - 4.1.2009

    Subject: Displacement Sensors


Please provide a list of manufacturers for long vibration period displacement sensors (periods of 1-10 sec) for far-field earthquake event occurrences.


Many thanks and best regards,


V. Murphy


Weston Geophysical Consultants

E-mail: geoexplorations@aol.com


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